I needed to go to trial in a custody battle with my ex. He was representing himself and would be drilling me with questions for a full day to try to prove that I wasn’t a fit mother. Fear consumed me as I wrestled to choose the state of being I should assume as I walked into court to fight for my babies.  As I was trying to figure that out, I decided to be loving to myself and go to yoga.

I found a new yoga studio.  The instructor announced that today we would be dancing with fear. During the practice, he had us take the warrior pose, or in his words, the pose of courage. As we stood in courage, he urged me to take a full-heart position with my heart, arms, chest and head.

There I stood in power and ultimate vulnerability, completely opening my heart to possibility and to trusting. I had my pose.  I had my stance to go to trial with a wide-open heart, lead with my love for my girls, and the courage to stand for them.

I took that with me into the courtroom and it served me by giving me silent, strong peace. I want to bring quiet, courageous, vulnerability to more of my life.

Have you played with this stance in your life? What were your results?