To have a man who understands that when my blood sugar drops, all my senses of being a person goes with it, to have that same man take anything that comes out of my mouth at those times as not personal, but as a sign I need to be taken care of—is a huge miracle. Who’d ever think that such a man existed?

Yeah, I know they exist all the time in movies and books, but everyone knows those guys are some girl’s fantasy. Those aren’t real live, breathing men. Those are some robot-designed creatures that the powers that be are trying to get us to believe exist everywhere but in our life, so that we’ll drink more, eat more, and pop more pills to make the big companies richer.

But I digress, I was telling you about what a great blessing it is to have someone in your life, who, when you are a little unintentionally grouchy, will actually feed you instead of condemn you.

No, I won’t introduce you to this man. I plan on keeping him myself if I can.