Watch out!  I am in a funky mood. I am tired of people and their judgments. They just love to judge, judge, judge, shame, shame, shame, if a person does anything that doesn’t fit in their box, and their definition of the way life should be lived.

I have been told that not everyone judges, and I get it so much more because I come from an EXTREMELY conservative community.  Well, maybe.  I can’t help but think that maybe the reason I get it so much is because I take RISKS.  Lately a lot more risks than I am even comfortable with myself.

My life has a way of coming to me and presenting really hard decisions.  Life altering decisions. Not all choices are good or bad, well at least not the way I see them. It’s just that many have major consequences.  It doesn’t matter which way I choose, someone is going to be critical of me.

I have adopted the philosophy: I only have one life, play full out, and if I fail at something I’m wanting—try, try, try again.  So I am going to go for it. If I failed at marriage, I tried again. I failed at that one.  So I am trying again.  Who knows, maybe someday I will get it right.

Who else is feeling judged? Shamed? Guilted? Love to hear what you are doing about it and how you cope.

P.S.  I’d also love to hear from anyone who is in the “failed at marriage and is trying, trying, trying again club.”  Reply below, We’ve got to talk!

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