Now that I am in Tucson, let me explain some things.  I am in culture shock. When I moved to Cali I was in shock over the traffic and the hardness of the people.   I never really got used to either of those things. Tucson is a different game entirely.  Here’s how I explain the differences, and I am going to throw in Utah, since I lived there 23 years.

Utah has churches on every street.

California has Starbucks

and Arizona cactus and Goodwill stores.


Utah has children everywhere.

California has people with dogs.

Arizona has cactus and horses.


Utah has a grid method of road systems.

California has gridlock, freeways, and more gridlock.

Arizona is on the zigzag method.  A person cannot get anywhere going straight—ever.


Utah has crazy drivers that are rude.

In California it depends where you are.  L.A. is the worst. Riverside County drivers are fine as long as you are going 80 mph or 0.

Arizona has the slowest damn drivers anywhere.  People go less than the speed limit regularly!! I thought only my children did that.  I don’t know where those kids came from.  Going the speed limit regularly?

The Shit Part of Each Place:

Utah: the CRAZY religious expectations that the people smear on everyone.

California: toss up of the INSANE government control that is so mixed up that it is almost impossible to get anything done, or, the selfish, self-center, narcissistic obsession with self.

Arizona:  the wildlife.  Bobcats, hawks, squirrels rattlesnakes, mice, misquotes and INTENSE heat are elements that must be talked about and contended with on a daily bases.


Love to hear about the good bad and ugly that happens where you live.  Also, effective ways you have dealt with culture shock.