I am a busy woman. I have kids. I have writing contracts, a boyfriend, a house to run, and oh yeah, a pain in the butt X,  and on top of all this, I decided to go back to school.  So seizing the moment, any spare moment, to write is a must in my life.

Out of this need, and my printer breaking, bred a new writing technique that has worked really well for me.

Here it is.  Go to a copy store and have your entire manuscript printed,  front and back. Have it spiral bound, and put a plastic binding on front and back. This way you can carry your whole manuscript with you everywhere you go.

I’m a kinetic learner, so having pages I can flip around, and pages I can rewrite on, works for me. I like having the whole book with me, so if I need to look back for certain details it’s all there.

I did this with my first draft because my printer was dead. I’ve now done it for the second draft because I love the ability to work on my novel anywhere. I know computers offer that too, but my rewrites are much better if I do them by hand.  I need the intimacy of the paper and pen.