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Author, Anastasia Alexander

Author, Anastasia Alexander

You put a lot of time and energy into your events.

Now you need a speaker that will tell your audience like it is.  Enough of the sugar coating that makes love seem like a blissful journey, and those who don’t have that experience are doomed, or that happy love is for the lucky few.  Have Anastasia come speak, and she will have your audience not only laughing, crying, but really relating to the fact that they aren’t the only ones who are struggling.

Let’s face it, love in the 21st Century offers no easy journey.  There are no fast ways that will solve the challenges.

Bring in Anastasia Alexander.

As a feisty love-wounded veteran herself, two failed marriages with twenty-three years of experience, she knows how to love and lose, and brush herself off and keep on trying.  She has a unique view on the whole subject of love.

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Anastasia’s signature  presentation:  The Messy World of Loving in the 21st Century …Why do we bother?

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