What if we boiled down each of our past romantic relationships to the significance of what we missed about each one?

I have given this thought and realized I didn’t know how it would work out, so I decided to play the game.  Here goes:

  • My first crush.  I miss him singing to me in the back of my parents’ car and my parents not knowing.
  • My first love.  I miss his love poems to me that would make any girl’s heart swoon.  I miss his romantic love letters and the romantic songs he dedicated to me.  I miss feeling like I was super-special and an unique gift.
  • My first husband.  I miss the crazy ride of creating movies together.  We would get our creative juices flowing, bouncing off each other.  I miss his ability to make things happen.  We had some really fun, amazing  rides that were intoxicating.
  • My second husband.  I miss his ability to edit my work.  He was fantastic with grammar.  I also miss watching American Idol and America’s Got Talent together, betting on who’d win.
  • My most recent boyfriend.  I miss holding each other for hours, just being in each other’s arms and loving each other.  I miss the sweetness that passes between us in such a quiet yet significant way.  I miss being understood and not having to say a word and knowing he gets me because he’s just the same way.  I miss the way we support each other and have each other’s backs.

I miss the way he hooks his arm around me and pulls me to him without hesitation.  I miss the laughs we have that are quiet and simple and mostly the result of me not being able to pronounce words.

I miss his delight in my quirkiness, and how it gives him great pleasure by me being me. I miss feeling that loving feeling where I just want to do nice things to make his life better.

I miss our lazy Sundays where all we want to do is spend time together and hide from the world, stress, and any worries.  I miss how he stands up for me and takes my side no matter what because he thinks that’s his job and what he’s suppose to do.  I miss him worrying about me when I travel and how he wants to make sure I’m all right.  I miss how he wants me to be happy despite any outside influences.  For example, if someone is hurting me, he wants me to get away from them no matter who they are.

I miss how he encourages me to follow my passion, no matter if I never make money.  I miss how he makes everything simple, easy, and trouble-free.

First crush had a lot more to do with being sneaky and young and innocent.  My first love was something I should hold as a standard.  My experience with my first husband suggests that I should find some fun, passionate, creative business partners, and husband number two…I’ll just hire a good editor.  My last boyfriend.  That relationship feels like something real.  Something with meat.  Something special, to cherish.

Quite the telling exercise.  Love to hear how your results come out from you doing the exercise.