More and more people are going on reality TV shows to find love.  I am not sure what to think about this.  On one side, it puts people in a glass container where they are living a false reality.  Things happen on the shows that would never happen in real life.  Well at least I hope they don’t.

I am currently watching Are you the one for me?  I am amazed at how quickly the women jump in bed with the men and hop from one guy to another.  I want to scream at them: What are you thinking?

Seriously, what are they thinking?  Sleeping with random people seems to make some women brain dead.  They form a connection with a person, and have spent all of five minutes getting to know them and are setting themselves up for a probable disaster.

Maybe other women don’t bond like I do.  I get connected.  My heart gets involved. I don’t take that lightly.  Okay, let’s say these other women don’t bond like I do because they are different.  Still, think of the possible threat of disease! (If they let their impulses get away from them and don’t use protection.)  Plus how in the hell do they expect the guy to develop feelings for them if they don’t respect themselves by using restraint, caution or common sense?

On the other hand, at least these contestants have put themselves in situations where there are other people of the opposite sex, hopefully single, and wanting the same things. If that is the case, it may increase their options of getting what they want.

Hmmm.  Not so sure being on TV and playing to the cameras really allows a person to get to know the other person, not to mention the TV show’s ticking clock.

What do you think about finding love on reality TV? Good option?  Or a recipe for divorce court?


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