Sometimes I long to have non-judgment in my life. Why does everyone have so many damn opinions? They like to try to pretend that they care, but I really doubt that is their true motive.

It’s just too suspicious that their statements of what “I should do” are to become exactly like them. Do what they would do, which is really silly if you think about it because I am not them. I don’t have their personality. How are they to truly know that their answer is better for me?

Who’s going to have to live with the consequences of my decision? Them?

No, me. That’s right. That’s right. Thank heavens there is some rule in the universe where I get the final say in what I choose to do with my life concerns. If others got to decided for me, I would be married one day, divorced another, and most likely settling for a remedial job, and not taking any risks.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound appealing. I guess that is why I haven’t chosen it.

An Intense, Emotional Journey

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