A weird thing is happening. My life is becoming a better plot story than any book I’ve been able to create. The stakes in my life are huge, and before I can get one problem solved another major crises occurs. I’m trying to take notes on how this is happening so that I can apply what I am learning to my novel structure.

But I do have to admit that having this occur in real life is taking away the joy of the victory. I can’t celebrate any victory, because a new looming, bigger problem is hanging over my head.

Trust me, I’d rather read about it than live it! Any suggestions on how to get out of this real life plot problem?


An Intense, Emotional Journey

Silent Cries

Charlene believes she’s an ordinary housewife and mother with ordinary challenges. Gradually, she comes to realize her marriage isn’t healthy and that her husband’s treatment isn’t normal. Relying only on her own courage and the help of a few friends, she struggles to free herself and her children from a relationship that has turned their lives into a living nightmare.


Can Love Survive Friday the 13th?

The Superstitious Romance Friday the 13th has always been unlucky for history professor Camille Britain, and this one doesn’t seem any different. In an effort to escape her failed marriage, Camille is renting a cabin in beautiful Island Park, Idaho, where she meets wildlife photographer Jackson Armstrong, who scoffs at her superstitious ways and infuriates her with his offers of help.