The other day my mother told me if I really wanted to be happy I should get married! After double checking if I heard right, I asked, “Why on earth would I do that, since my boyfriend and I have a relationship that’s working out just fine?”

She said, “Security.”

Seriously! I am not making this up. I felt like I had suddenly fallen into a scene out of Stepford Wives. My mother actually said that marriage creates security, knowing full well I fled for my life from my first husband, and ended up having several surgeries from injuries he inflicted on me, and my second husband tried to steal my children and money.

If that is security, I would like to know what instability looks like. If marriage guaranteed love, safety, and protection, it might last longer and have a better success rate.

I don’t know what marriage is other than a contract between two people that may or may not be honored in varying degrees for a limited amount of time. Yes, I mean limited. Death and divorce are ticking clocks that typically end that contract.

But I digress, whatever marriage is, it is not security. No guarantees and no insurance policy can be purchased that will compensate for the lost time, anguish, and disappointment if it doesn’t work out.

Hey, maybe there should an insurance policy for divorce! If I ever do get married again, that would be one policy I’d be anxious to purchase.