I just wrote a short story and I love it! I am super excited about it. There are rare times in an author’s life where they sit down to write a story and the story completely takes over them. Consumes them and demands to be written now. This happened to me with this story. I didn’t pay bills, didn’t sleep, hardly talked to my family until this story was written. It was just a buzz.

Even more exciting I just entered into the world of submitting short stories. I haven’t submitted anything for at least 15 years. My friends told me it takes months and were gracious enough to walk me through the modern submission process. (Wow have things changed!) I submitting on Wednesday and it was accepted on Friday. How cool is that? I know that is rare but it does influence me to write more short stories.

Love for you to check it out and if you love it leave a comment on their site.

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