I stepped into a time warp.  In this new world, I will always, always, always, be getting a divorce.  For the rest of my life there will be demands to submit court papers.  Legal work.  Paying the attorney, and paying the attorney, and then paying the evaluator, and then visiting another evaluator, and  on and on and on it goes.  There is always a court date on the calendar.  Then there is another court date.

In this time warp, actually going to court and sitting in front of the judge is a rare event.  Most of the time the court date gets canceled the day or two before.  After attending the actual court date, the new court date is set for at least three months later.  That is how this game works.  Everything goes on and on.  When you think you are going to court and there will be answers, and maybe some closure, everything gets puts off.  The judge will do anything to not make a decision.  Why? He’s trying to force the two parties to make a decision so he’ll be off the hook.

Onlookers shake their heads.  Why won’t you just settle?  Why do you keep up the fight?  They look at you like you have all the say.  My favorite questions are, “So, when is all this going to be decided?  What’s the actual date?” It’s obvious to me that the people who ask these questions have never gone through a contested divorce.

I look at them and say, “For sure, absolutely, twelve years from now, unless someone gets sick and dies first.”

Then,  after they understand I don’t have complete control over these things, comes my favorite statement, “Boy you sure know how to pick them.”

Yep, I have many gifts.  That is why I’ve been sucked away into an endless time warp. Anyone else in this time warp or am I alone?