I was in court the other day. Yes, again. It’s like from the moment my ex-husband decided to divorce me I have been sucked into this vortex of endless divorce paperwork, hearings, trials, and the draining of my bank account to pay lawyers who seem to not accomplish much. This is a vortex that keeps sucking me in and there is no way out.

While I was waiting in the hall for my attorney to show up, I noticed a lady across from me. She had shoulder length blonde hair, straight, long slender legs that where bouncing up and down with nervous energy. Her face was tense, in pain and she was tearing up. She whispered off and on to an elderly, calmer lady. The younger woman looked so miserable and in so much pain, I longed to approach her and help. I wasn’t sure I could help, so I stayed quiet.

Suddenly a short woman decked out in a suit, barged out of the courtroom and called the nervous woman’s name. They walked together down the hall into a room. Two minutes later the largest man I have probably ever seen thundered by. He looked huge and muscular,  and definitely captured attention.

After he slipped into the same room, the older woman squinted her face and sneered at him. “Asshole,” she said.

I gave a little chuckle, understanding that feeling only too well.

The lady looked at me and said, “That man has been doing this to her for fourteen years. Every month he drags her in here for fourteen years. The only time he gave her about a four month break was when he was caught-up marrying another woman.” She shook her head. “It’s not right. Why can’t he leave her alone?”

A few minutes later, the younger woman burst back into the hallway, shaking a thousand times more, tears pouring down her face. She said loudly, “That lady wouldn’t listen. She didn’t care.”

Fourteen years. Being dragged back into the courthouse month after month for fourteen years.

What is wrong with our legal system? How can fourteen years be possible? Why am I going on my third year when all I want is to move on with my life?

How do we get out of the vortex?


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