Just one too many rough words and I left the relationship.  I packed up my stuff and walked out.  I was done.  I was done having my trust stomped on.  I was done having the person that meant the most to me, not be there for me at random times.  I was done with the surprise attacks.  I was done with being tired and having my heart ripped open by the thoughtlessness that took place when he was too stressed.

I was done with it all.  Then the phone didn’t ring.  The texts didn’t beep in.  The hugs were gone and so were the laughs.  “It’s for the best,” I said.  “I deserve better.”

I did deserve better, but I missed him.  No one understood me like he did.  No one was as tender and pulled me into his arms and claimed me like he did.  No one actually wanted me to do my writing and believed in me like he did.

I missed him.  I wanted another hug and another kiss.  I couldn’t believe that we were done.  I couldn’t believe he was okay with me walking out of his life.  I knew he was used to misery, but this was ridiculous.

Days passed and pounds fell off.  Time passed and I was starting to get through periods where I didn’t cry the whole day through.  Days passed and my heart ached, and I dreamed about being held by him one more time.

Problems stacked up, one on top of the other.  My daughter wanted her scooter that we kept at his place.  I had to go for my daughter. I knocked on his door.  He answered. He reached for me.  He held me.

We are together once more, both better people and knowing more, appreciating more.

Anyone else’s relationship improved after breaking up?