Romancing JT

Who will win JT’s heart?

Maggie Chambers is used to living the high life, taking trips to Paris, Florence, and Rome with her French lover. She indulges in expensive art, fancy clothes, and expensive food until the money runs out, her lover flees, and her former husband closes down the purse strings. This propels Maggie on a mission to get money before she becomes homeless.

Unprepared for work, her only apparent skill is flirting. Soon she lands on a reality TV show, Millionaire Engagement, finding herself competing with forty other attractive women who want JT’s heart.

To make matters worse, JT’s a grieving widower who doesn’t want to be on the show but is lured into it by his business partner. He’s also a cowboy from Tucson who loves the simple life of riding his horse in the hardy desert—a life Maggie can’t tolerate.

It doesn’t take long for Maggie to realize that despite all her efforts, she can’t seem to get along with the other women on the show nor the producer, and they are determined to get Maggie away from JT in any way possible.

Will Maggie be able to capture JT’s heart before being kicked off the show?

What Readers are Saying

“Anastasia Alexander weaves an interesting story with characters that readers will love. This is a story with great emotional and psychological depth. Anastasia Alexander succeeds in keeping the excitement of her readers high while building on characters that they can easily connect to. This is, indeed, an engaging and entertaining read.” — Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

“This book will have you hooked right from the start. An interesting spin on today’s reality television romances, this book is entertaining yet very deep in its emotions and storyline. Highly recommended!” — Mazie Martin

“This romance novel is filled with interesting characters, plot twists and a profound meaning. The main character is helplessly romantic Maggie Chambers who enjoys relationships and the finer things in life. While luxuriously traveling the world with her French lover, she is suddenly abandoned by her lover and left with little money. I enjoyed this!” Debbit Dachinger

Tangles of the Heart

What will Darlene choose?

Darlene Britain couldn’t wait for her boyfriend, Austin Chambers, to come home from all his foolery of saving his mom, Maggie, from the mistakes she made on Millionaire Engagement. Darlene’s passionate to get started on their dreams of saving the environment in Yellowstone Park. But when Austin comes home considering a radical new job offer in Tucson, Arizona, Darlene’s life gets dumped upside down. To make matters harder, along with the journey, she also meets Cactus Ronnie, a race car driver, who is full of passion and actively romancing her, forcing Darlene to make hard choices: where she’s going to live, what career path to take, and eventually, who she will give her heart to.

What Readers are saying:

“I enjoyed finding out Darlene’s story in Tangles of the Heart. She grows a lot in the book and makes hard choices. I loved finding out who she finally ends up with. Who does she choose? You’ll have to read to find out!” –Catia Shattuck, Avid Bookworm

The Superstitious Romance

Can Love Survive Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th has always been unlucky for history professor Camille Britain, and this one doesn’t seem any different. In an effort to escape her failed marriage, Camille is renting a cabin in beautiful Island Park, Idaho, where she meets wildlife photographer Jackson Armstrong, who scoffs at her superstitious ways and infuriates her with his offers of help.

Camille doesn’t need another man—not even one as compelling and attractive as Jackson. Especially when he seems hung up on another woman. And yet Camille can’t deny the passion between them or the way Jackson makes her feel.
This Friday the 13th upsets both their worlds by forcing Camille and Jackson to see things about themselves, their families, and each other that might—with a little help—change them forever. Maybe this time superstition is on their side.

The Superstitious Romance is a story about a strong woman who feels weak, a man who doubts himself, and a powerful love that changes everything.

Read an Excerpt here

What Readers Are Saying

“It was a quick, easy read.” — d.pedersen

“Love the suspense and romance combination!” — InFlowCEOMOM

“I really appreciated how the male characters were developed… very well written with tremendous insight into all the characters!” — Erich Lewis

Catalina Romance

Who Will Charissa Choose?

When her niece becomes gravely ill, Charissa can only afford the needed treatment if she returns to the reality TV show Millionaire Engagement. Known from the previous season as the “Dumped Before Dinner” girl, Charissa dreads her role as its new star, when all she really wants is to swear off men and live a Walden Pond life. That dream is dashed when she’s placed inside a whirlwind of cameras recording every move of her dating experience with millionaire bachelors flown to her on California’s Catalina Island.

So many gorgeous, rich men vying to win her love . . . Will she pick Forester, the sexy, buff, neat freak from the tough side of LA? Shawn, the laid-back Wisconsin dairy farmer with the amazing blue eyes, who shares a similar background? Maybe Andrew, the handsome, big-hearted, successful insurance guy? How about Rocco, the tall, dark, Rhode Island Italian who lives life, full-out? Perhaps she’ll select Brett, the talkative financial whiz? Or, charismatic Jared, who teaches her to ride a horse?

In her exploration of self-discovery, adventure, and the real struggle of finding love in the midst of money, fame, competition, and heartache, how can Charissa possibly choose?

What Readers are saying: 

Anastasia Alexander takes the reader on an penetrating roller coaster ride of emotion from laughing, to crying, to wondering what will happen next. I found myself caring deeply about Charissa and what was going to happen next. A great read!  – P. June Diehl– Popular Savvy Author Teacher and Mentor

Silent Cries

Charlene believes she’s an ordinary housewife and mother with ordinary challenges. Gradually, she comes to realize her marriage isn’t healthy and that her husband’s treatment isn’t normal. Relying only on her own courage and the help of a few friends, she struggles to free herself and her children from a relationship that has turned their lives into a living nightmare.

Charlene soon discovers that altering her relationship is only half the battle and finding what she really needs takes just as much courage as recognizing the problem in the first place. Trusting again may be the biggest challenge of all.

Read an excerpt here.

What Readers Are Saying

“This novel is fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading! I had to find out if Charlene would get free and if she could love again.”
—Maria Anderson, reader and editor

“Silent Cries is an authentic and true-to-life depiction of one woman’s exodus from a life of psychological and physical servitude to one of empowerment and self-determination. This story captures the persistence and fortitude required to exit a life with an abuser without sacrificing gentleness and wisdom.”
—Donna R. B. Rogers, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Founder, Sound for Healing Institute