I come from an ultra-conservative upbringing, an ultra-conservative community that consists of 99% white. That’s my background. I recently moved to California, which filled my eyesight with a lot more color. Soon after, I was also filled with a ton of divorce paperwork that piled up for miles and promised to take years to resolve.

So what to do? I quickly found a “meet up group” and met up with my first new boyfriend, who happened to be chocolate. I don’t mean milk chocolate; I mean the rich dark kind. As I gazed at him, I wondered how I never fully understood the mesmerizing beauty of dark. This man was cloaked in success, had an extremely high intellect, was a fiercely protective father, and his dark eyes burned with fire and drive.

As I oohed and ahed over him, dear Mom wondered if I was doing the teenage rebellion thing late. Score! Bonus point for chocolate.

Unfortunately that dark chocolate wanted different things than this pale white chocolate, so that match didn’t last long. However, I did learn more about the depth of beauty that was offered out there. And now, every time dark chocolate tries to get back together, I just mention it to Mom.

Score! Score! Score!