Labor of Love

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for relationship reality TV shows. Normally, when I confess that, receivers of that information try to control

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Jackpot Love and Intensity

I hit the jackpot! The other day I was browsing YouTube. I found the entire Bachelor Canada Season Three for free. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette show is one of my

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Millionaire Romance Boxset

Hello Friend, MILLIONAIRE ROMANCE BOX SET is out today, and I can’t wait to see you what you think of it. Can love survive Friday the 13th,

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Embracing the Mysterious

The self-improvement speaker referred to Sedona as a mystical place with red dirt, healing energy, and vortexes. The speaker raved that the land helped him

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Would you rather ….

We have centuries of examples of royals choosing the stability of their government by marrying for alliances over someone they love.
And we have the classic tale of Romeo and Juliette, where two young people decided to indulge their passion.
This kind of paradox of choice is exactly what my main character, Darlene Chambers, is facing in my upcoming novel, Tangles of the Heart.

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Virtual Love Blooms in a COVID-19 World

Yes, we will have the standard girl meets whatever and that relationship starts. We will also have matchmaking and online services, but since the whole world has lived under a “stay at home” order, there might be another way for romances to bloom—virtual romances!

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Even More Sanity

I just wrote a short story and I love it! I am super excited about it. There are rare times in an author’s life where

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Anastasia Alexander

My Dark Secret

I have a secret. It’s one that I have kept hidden for a very long time, and I have never planned on spilling it to

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