Many people wonder if they are in an abusive relationship or if the problems they experience are all part of normal marriage discord.  Answer these simple questions to get a better idea as to what kinds of problems you are having in your marriage.

1- Does your stomach tighten when your spouse drives up in the driveway?

2- Do you feel like you have to be careful what you say around your spouse, and that anything could set him/her off?

3- Does your spouse swear at you, throw things, or physically hurt you?

4- Do your friends like your spouse or do they comment that he/she doesn’t treat you well?

5- Is your spouse willing to talk to you openly about finances, or does he/she control what you know and what you spend?

If the answer was yes to any of the questions, serious attention needs to be placed on the dynamics of your relationship.  There is a high probability you could be in an abusive relationship.