I have a lot of well-meaning friends who have approached me with what they think is a wonderful idea and will solve all my problems.  What is their solution?  That I go on a 90-Day Man-Fast.  They say that with me going 90 days without men in my life, I will learn all sorts of wonderful things—like being okay with loneliness, like I’ll discover myself, as if I’ve been able to escape myself all these years, and that I’ll see that I can live without a man.

Here’s what I have to say—I already know I can live without a man, and for whatever sick reason, I don’t like it.  I am alone all the time, especially when my kids are at school or at my ex’s, and my boyfriend is busy earning money to pay for my dinners.  And I know myself well enough, thank you. There’s really nothing more exciting to learn about me.

And besides, why would I go on a fast when I don’t have to?  There is plenty of time to go on that fast and learn all those things when I turn that magical age—not sure what age that is––when guys pass me over for someone younger.  Grrr.  I can do plenty of suffering then. But until then, there will be no fasting for me. That is, unless something better comes along to occupy my time, like a luxurious trip to Europe or winning a $5,000 shopping spree, or going on a totally rocking, energy packed, fun getaway with my girls.